One comment on “US Election 2012 – A good night for HIV and AIDS?

  1. For me, addressing HIV/AIDS is very much a proxy for their willingness to address inequalities in society which give rise to oppression and hardship, so it’s frankly unsurprising that neither Obama nor Mittens came up smelling of roses. Whilst Romney seems to actively hate women, gays, and the poor on principle, Obama has really only paid lip service to issues of equality (whilst he says he supports the same sex marriage, he also thinks that it’s up to individual states; ironically, of course, the repeal and banning of racist law had to be done at the federal level and it would be good to see him taking a lead on this issue).

    However, Obama’s health reforms arguably will impact HIV/AIDS care in positive ways, although not prevention.

    For me, I’m not sure I could vote for either: Mittens struck me as an ignorant bigot with pretensions of competence; Obama has institutionalised extra-judicial killing. Re-Open Nominations.

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