2 comments on “Is romance dead on the gay scene?

  1. I really like to think that gay romance still exists, although I personally rarely happen to see it around me. I hope that I am right and there still is something known as “romance” not only as it goes for gay relationships.
    My best friend is a gay guy and he’s the synonym of “romance” so perhaps romance’s not dead but rarely found for some reasons.

  2. Yes. We live in a fast f*ck society, Gay men in the western world live with HIV, don’t die from Aids and if they catch an STI they know the cure or suppress is available to next day.

    I came to the gay scene in 1981, just when HIV/AIDS was rearing its ugly side and people were dying for no cure, which saw attitudes change overnight and romance blossom committing to one guy, what I see these days is 1981 all over again, F*ck-n-Go.

    I recently watched “Cruising” with Al Pacino, that film portrays today’s society with them added element of digital at your finger tips.

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