2 comments on “Magic Numbers?

  1. A more qualitative and targeted approach is needed.

    Example 1, the number of those diagnosed as HIV positive from abroad has increased from 43% to 55%.

    Okay, but where did they acquired their infection? In the UK or abroad? The response will lead to different interventions.

    Example 2: Models show than an increase in HIV testing of x2 to x3 current rates is needed to cause a plateau and reduction in new HIV diagnoses.

    Okay but what kind of testing? indiscriminate blanket testing or targeted testing (I have not seen the model not being at the party, but I know that of UCL’s Andrew Philips which factor some targeted testing). If the worry well at low risk start to test 4 times a year instead of 2 this won’t make any difference to the infections.

    Then what kind of increase are we talking about? We are currently failing to meet the requirements of HIV testing guideline, so maybe before running we should try to walk?

    HIV prevention is not a kitchen sink. Doing all and everything for the sake of doing something or be seen as doing something won’t work.

    We need a much better, local understanding of the Epidemic, and this is nothing new:

    “Know your epidemic, know your response”: a useful approach, if we get it right. The lancet 2008 http://bit.ly/1hp3Bk5

    • Thank you for engaging with our blog, and for sharing your opinion that a more qualitative and targeted approach is necessary. I think many readers would agree with your argument that it is vital to ‘know the epidemic’ in order to put together an effective prevention approach. There seems to be a question about understanding and targeting the most at risk groups, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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